Teclock Small Dial Indicator,5mm/0.01 – TM-35 (Standard Type)

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High accuracy with durability dial indicator that is small in size to fit in tight space for direct measurement by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan.



Small Diameter

As bezel diameter is small (minimum diameter = 36mm), these are suitable to measure at the narrow setting space of production lines and many measuring points by being mounted to the machine.

Optional Features

Lifting Lever and Bezel Clamp can be mounted optionally.

Dimension Table                                                                                Unit:mm

Model A B C D E F G H I J
TM-35 27.4 41.3 39 36.5 10 14.5 19 5 6.2 11.8

Full Specifications

Model Graduation (mm) Measuring Range (mm) Repeatability (μm) Indication Error (μm) Hysteresis (μm) Standard Contact Point Measuring Force (N) Weight (g)
Adjacent Error 1 Revolution Total Range
TM-35 0.01 5 5 9 ±13 ±15 6 ZS-01 1.3 or less 72

*In case flat back is required, please add suffix “f” to the end of model number. (example=TM-35f)

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