Teclock IRHD Hardness Tester GX-700 Series

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Fully automatic hardness tester type IRHD GX-700, M-method micro-sized international rubber hardness tester by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan



  1. Micro-hardness can be measured by 1/8 scale each durometer of type A, E, E2, OO, FO in addition to IRHD / M method.
  2. Hardness of O ring and small rubber parts can be measured with totally automatic.
  3. Voice coil motor is adopted for load system. Friction and reproducibility of inner mechanism is improved, which is different from weight system.
  4. It is plug-in type that plunger (contact point) can be easily changed and recalibration on test method change is not needed.
  5. As test piece table is wide, various measuring jigs can be set up.


Hardness testing method IRHD・M-method Durometer Hardness
Compliance Standards ISO 48/JIS K 6253

ISO 7619/JIS K 6253

TECLOCK Standards/ASTM D 2240

Measuring Accuracy ±0.1 IRHD Type A/E ±1 JIS K 6253
Type E2/FO ±1 TECLOCK Standards
Type OO ±2 ASTM D 2240
Measuring Range 30 ~ 100 IRHD 0 ~ 100
Minimum indication unit 0.1
Measurement part movable distance 100mm
Measurable test-piece dimensions W=160 / D=110 / H=100mm
Conformity standards EC Directive (EN61326)
Outside interface RS-232C
Power AC100 ~ 200V/Adapter DC24V
Weight 7.8kg (Main unit)/0.6kg (Power unit)
Accessories PC application CD (for Windows XP & 7)
PC connecting cables/AC adapter
Spare plunger (x1) (ZS-121) for IRHD
Rubber specimen ZY-917 6 types set (w/Inspection table) —–


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