Teclock Durometer Hardness Tester GSD-719K Series

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Durometer Hardness Tester GSD-719K series – corresponding to ISO and JIS standards of rubber hardness measurement by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan




Hardness Test of Vulcanized or Thermoplastic Rubber

This is Durometer to comply with JIS K 6253 (new JIS) standard established in 1993 for the purpose of conforming to ISO (International Standard Organization). Durometrers consist of 3 types namely, Type A for medium hardness, Type D for high hardness and Type E for low hardness. Type A tends to indicates higher value by 1~2 points compared with former Type A durometers. Type D is suitable for hard rubber having more than 90 hardness measured by type A durometer and Type E is suitable for soft rubber of which hardness is 20 and below measured by Type A durometers. 


  Model Type Application/Materials Conform Standard

Spring Load Value


Indentor Shape Indentor Height Weight(g)
Digital GSD-719K Type A General rubber, soft plastic

JIS K 6253

JIS K 7215

ISO 7619

ISO 868

ASTM D 2240

550-8050mN (56.1-821.1gf) Truncated Cone of φ 0.79 with 35° angle 2.50 313




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