Teclock Durometer Hardness Tester GS-709G Series

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Durometer Hardness Tester GS-709G series – corresponding to ISO and JIS standards of rubber hardness measurement by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan



Durometers for Hardness Test of Plastic

This standard is prescribed by plastic industry in Japan apart from testing method of hardness of rubber. This is basically equal to Durometer of JIS K 6253, as only its round up method of spring load value etc. is different. But we distinguish model name as another Durometer according to the view of conformity to standard.


Model Type Application/Materials Conform Standard

Spring Load Value


Indentor Shape Indentor Height Weight (g)
GS-709G A Soft Plastic/General Rubber JIS K 7215
ISO 868
ASTM D 2240
549-8061mN (56-822gf) Truncated Cone of R0.79 with 35° angle 2.50 208




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