Teclock Dial Test Indicator,1mm/0.01 – LT-316 (Long Stylus Type)

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Dial test indicator with long stylus and low measuring force for direct measurement by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan.



Measuring Direction

Measuring direction can be changed with change lever.

Low Measuring Force

Due to the low measuring force, this is suitable for measurement of thin work piece as well.


Stylus and pointer are anti-magnetic and not affected by magnetism.


Stylus is made of φ2mm stainless steel and it is unique threaded type which can be changed easily. A carbide ball stylus is provided for less abrasion.

Dimension Table                                                                                Unit:mm

Model A B C D E F G H
LT-316 35 42.9 13.5 23 85.9 120 4.8 6.8

Full Specifications

Model Graduation (mm) Measuring Range (mm) Dial Reading Measuring Force (N) Repeatability (μm) Adjacent Error (μm) Accuracy on full range (μm) Hysteresis (μm) Standard Stylus Weight (g)
LT-316 0.01 1 0-50-0 0.4 or less 3 5 10 4 ZS-704 65
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