Teclock Automatic Hardness Tester GX Series

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Automatic Hardness Tester for Rubber Hardness Testing GX series – Allowed two types- maximum value and the timer value by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan



  1. Automatic hardness tester.
  2. Hardness measurement able to be done by a button.
  3. Touch by a built-in motor.
  4. The control part pursues the clarity and easiness of use by adopting a touch panel.
  • Measuring modes: 3 types
  • Normal mode (the maximum value is acquirable)
  • Test time mode (the median value and mean value are calculated)
  • PC mode (operable by PC by using the dedicated software)


  • Tolerance judging feature


Standards ISO 7619 / JIS K 6253 compliance
Minimum Indication 0.1
System Features Peak-holding function, Timer-holding function (Timer value 0.5, 1 to 99sec), Tolerance judging function, Mean value outputting function (n=1 to 30), Data output (PC printer), Outer functions control output
Outside Interface RS-232C
Power AC100~240V(ACAdapter)
Dimension 170(W) × 160(L) × 470(H)mm
Weight 11kg (Including weight 1kg)
Sensor Unit

Model: GSS-619 (Type A), GSS-620 (Type D), GSS-621 (Type E)

Pressing-surface diameter: φ18mm (ESS-621, type E is 127mm)

Code length: 2m

Dimensions: 50(W) × 35(L) × 124(H)mm

Weight: 320g

System Configurations

Model Body 1kg for weight (Accessories) Sensor Unit Measuring Object
GX-02A Display unit (with stand) ZY-090 GSS-619 Normal rubber & soft plastic
GX-02D ZY-090+ZY-128 (5kg for weight) GSS-620 Hard rubber & plastic
GX-02E ZY-090 GSS-621 Soft rubber
GX-02FO GSS-644 Urethane foam


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