Teclock Accessories for Durometer Hardness Tester ZY Series

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Indentor Extension Gauge and Rubber Piece ZY series for Durometer Hardness Tester for Hardness Testing by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan

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Indentor Extension Gauge

Height of indenter (contact point) of durometer is simply checked. ZY-119 is for JIS K 6301 and ZY-120 is for JIS K 6253. Products of other makes can be checked.


Code No Indenter Height (mm) 50DEG 2DEG Applicable Durometer
ZY-119 2.54 Type 1.27mm



GS-701N/G, 706N/G
ZY-120 2.5 Type 1.25mm 2.45mm GS-GSD-719, 720 Series

 *calibration certificate if possible


Rubber Piece for Durometer Measuring

This is not rubber test piece. It is used for easy checking to find out failure of durometer. Measuring hardness when it is purchased and use it for daily control of durometer.


Code No. Type Dimension (mm) Applicable Durometer

Durometer A

Hardness: 50

40 x 80 x 12 Thickness Type A (GS, GSD-719J Series)

Durometer A

Hardness: 80

40 x 80 x 12 Thickness

Durometer D

Hardness: 40

70 x 80 x 7 Thickness Type D (GS, GSD-720J Series)

Durometer E

Hardness: 80

40 x 80 x 12 Thickness Type E (GS, GSD-721J Series)
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