Teclock Long Stroke Dial Indicator,30/0.01mm – KM-131 (Standard Type)

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High accuracy with durability for longer stroke on direct measurement and comparative measurement by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Teclock Japan.

Weight 1 kg


Shock Proof

Teclock unique shock proof mechanism is built-in to all models.

Optional Features

Lifting Lever and Bezel Clamp can be mounted optionally.

Dimension Table                                                                                Unit:mm

Model A B C D E F G H I J
KM-131 36 86 55 52 19 15.5 20 7.5 8 29.5

Full Specifications

Model Graduation (mm) Measuring Range (mm) Repeatability (μm) Indication Error (μm) Hysteresis (μm) Standard Contact Point Measuring Force (N) Weight (g)
Adjacent Error 1 Revolution Total Range
KM-131 0.01 30 5 14 ±18 ±35 8 ZS-017 2.5 or less 150

*In case flat back is required, please add suffix “f” to the end of model number. (example=KM-121f)

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