King Portable Brinell Hardness Tester Kin Series

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The King Portable Brinell Tester is the most reliable, user-friendly and affordable portable Brinell tester and the ONLY portable Brinell tester on the market that is Directly Verifiable by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from King USA.



Portable Testing

The King Portable Tester is suitable for use in the lab or in the plant. It is easy to operate and convenient to carry. It can be used to test all sizes of parts and parts in any direction (like upside down, underside, or side face). When the part cannot be moved easily, the King Tester is the answer.

Permanent Indentation but Easy Inspection

By applying 3000kg test force and 10mm ball indenter, the permanent indentation can be inspected at any time after testing, and the existence of the indentation shows that the part has been tested.

Accurately Testing Real Result

The King Tester applies the same principle as a bench type Brinell hardness tester. The result is far more accurate and repeatable than other portable Brinell hardness testers. The calibrated accuracy of the test force is 1% which confirms to ASTM E10

Wide Testing Range

You are not limited to a 10mm ball and 3000kg test force. You have options of a 2.5mm, or 5mm ball and different test loads from 187.5kg-3000kg. The tester has multiple testing forces and indenters so that the King Tester can test all kinds of material and its testing range is 16-650 HBW.

Full Specifications

Test Force 3000kg (500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, and 1500kg are optional)
Accuracy of Test Force 1%
Indenter 10 mm carbide ball indenter (2.5mm & 5mm ball optional)
Testing Range 16-650 HBW
Max Specimen Height 13” or 20”
Throat Depth 4” or 6” (unlimited with Chain Adapter)
Repeatability ISO 6506/ASTM E110
Error ISO 6506/ASTM E110
Net Weight 34lbs.

Standard Delivery

Tester 1
Pump Handle 1
V-Anvil 1
Flat Anvil 1
Dome Anvil 1
Calibration Certificate 1
User Manual 1
Warranty Certificate 1



  • KMTB (2×6 King Master Test Blocks)
  • K4MTB (4×4 King Master Test Blocks)
  • 10mm carbide ball indenter
  • 5mm carbide ball indenter
  • 2.5mm carbide ball indenter
  • Indenter holder
  • V anvil (SB-26)
  • Flat anvil (SB-25)
  • KingScope (ASTM Type B) Manual Reader
  • KingScan (ASTM Type A) Automatic Reader
  • Maintenance tools and accessories
  • Pressure gauge (9, 9LP)
  • Sac (43-6)
  • Sac nut (25)
  • Cylinder cap (14)
  • Pump Handle (8)
  • Buna-N O ring for Bronze Bushing (50- 111)
  • Sump bronze bushing (43-14)
  • Pop-off copper gasket (43-46)

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