King Manual and Automatic Microscopes and Readers KingScope Series

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King Manual and Automatic Microscope and Readers Hardness Tester is used for reading the measurement of Brinell Hardness Testing presented by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from King USA.

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KING® Brinell KingScope™ Microscope

Constructed from stainless steel, the rugged and optically reliable KingScope is the most versatile microscope on the market today.

Featuring a 20X prefocused lens, the KingScope has a narrow nose-piece which easily fits into tight recesses, resulting in less grinding on castings, billets and dies. For added stability when performing flat work, a slip-on base adapter is included.

A side opening in the microscope allows plenty of natural light for viewing, and a cordless movable pen light can be used in dim conditions. The KingScope meets ASTM E-10 specifications and the calibration is traceable to NIST standards.

  • 20x total magnification
  • Accurate to nearest 0.1mm
  • Pre-focused lens allows for a fast and accurate reading
  • High quality optics
  • Meets ASTM E-10 standards
  • Narrow nose piece fits easily into small areas
  • Portable design
  • Side opening and cordless light allows for easy reading in all light conditions
  • Suitable for both laboratory and shop
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction