Dretec Digital Thermohygrometer O-421WT Series

O-421WT Series – High Accuracy Digital Thermohygrometer for Measuring Temperature and Humidity by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Dretec Japan



Digital Thermohygrometer
  • Contact easy-care flat type LCD
  • Is easy-to-read display with big screen
  • Automatic memory the highest/lowest temperature and humidity
  • Compact sized thermo/hygrometer can be placed in anywhere
  • Convenient hook for hanging & stand for tabletop plancement
  • With batteries (two AAA batteries)

Full Specifications

Product Code O-421WT
Display Temperature Range  -10.0 ~ 50.0°C
Temperature Accuracy

0 ~ 40.00°C: ±1°C

Other above mentioned range: ±2°C

Display Humidity Range 10 ~ 99%
Humidity Accuracy

50 ~ 80%: ±5%

Other above mentioned range: ±10%

Measurement Interval Approx. 10 seconds
Product Size W81 x D17 x H81 mm
Product Weight 81g
Battery Life 1 year
Battery AAA battery 1pc