Akasel Cutting Consumables (Abrasive Cut-off Wheels) Aka-Cut Series

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Akasel Abrasive Cut-off Wheels optimised to provide high surface quality, long lifetime and maximum reproducibility by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Akasel Denmark. For more information, visit www.akasel.com



Abrasive Cut-off Wheels

Metallographic cutting is the first and very important step in sample
preparation. To take out a representative sample from a large workpiece or to make
longitudinal or cross sections of smaller parts, it must be ensured that the sample is removed without the creation of heat that could modify or even damage the structure.

The surface of the sample after cutting must be free from thermal damage and with a minimum of mechanical deformation. Otherwise the following preparation steps will take very long time, and there is a risk that possible changes to the microstructure are not removed and may be seen as the “real” structure.
Our wheels are, in respect of the above, optimised especially for
metallographic cutting to provide perfect results in the shortest possible time.


The abrasive cut-off wheels for laboratory and production type cut-off
machines are available in 5 different standard sizes, from 250 to 432 mm
dia., with an arbor size of 32 mm dia.

Our new range of cut-off wheels are named with both the material group they
are designed for and the approximate hardness range. As can be seen in the
table below, there are two Fe wheels for Ferrous Metals with a hardness of
approximately 60 and 50 HRC.

The third wheel is especially developed for Titanium and Titanium Alloys,
and the fourth wheel is designed for soft Non-Ferrous Metals.

Aka-Cut 500 HV is a fibre-reinforced wheel, very well suited for cutting of
surface hardenend workpieces. The fibre-reinforcement strengthens the
wheel and reduces breaking when subjected to pinching.

Use the table below to select the correct wheel for your specific material
type, hardness and size

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