Akasel Mounting Consumables (Cold Mounting)

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Akasel Cold Mounting resins cure through a chemical reaction and provides protection/support of the sample surface by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Akasel Denmark. For more information, visit www.akasel.com



Cold Mounting

Cold mounting resins typically consist of two components that cure after being mixed together. Two different systems are available, epoxies and acrylics. The epoxies consist of a liquid resin and a liquid hardener.

Our epoxy resin can be mixed with either the Aka-Cure Slow, Aka-Cure Slow-2 or Aka-Cure Quick hardener, depending on the requirements. They all have very good adhesion to the sample, which helps to provide the best possible edge retention. They can also be used for vacuum impregnation of fragile and porous samples like ceramics and plasma spray coatings.

The Aka-Cure Slow-2 hardener is very similar to Aka-Cure Slow, but not classified as hazardous goods for shipping and therefore often a more economical alternative.
We offer epoxy resin and hardeners separate, not as a kit, to make it easy to use either hardener with the resin. Epoxies require good precision when mixing the two components. It can be measured by volume, but weighing is much more precise and the recommended method. Our acrylic resin consists of a powder and a liquid.

Aka-Clear-2 is a fast curing, transparent system with a slightly yellowish tint. It cures in 8 minutes and produces totally clear, bubble-free mounts without having to use a pressure pot.

Mixing of the 2 components is not critical, if a thinner mix is required, a little extra liquid can be added without adverse effect on the cured mounts. With Aka-Clear Powder we ship 2 measuring spoons, 2 reusable mixing cups and 25 wooden mixing pins for easy measuring and mixing of the resin. With the Aka-Resin Epoxy we ship the same, except the measuring spoons, as the epoxy resin and hardener should be measured by weight and not by volume.


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