Akasel Cutting Consumables (Additives for Recirculation Units)

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Akasel additives for recirculation units should be added during cutting session to obtain the best possible cutting results by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Akasel Denmark. For more information, visit www.akasel.com



Additives for Recirculation Units

Aka-Cut cut-off wheels will perform at their very best together with Aka-Cool, an additive for recirculation units. Aka-Cool improves the cooling and lubricating ability of the water and acts as corrosion protection for both cut-off machine and sample material.

Aka-Cool is free from amine and boric acid, common in many other machine coolants. The absence of amines gives optimum skin compatibility with a pH of the mixed cooling fluid between 7 – 8, and an extremely low allergy potential.

The recommended mixing ratio of Aka-Cool in water is 3 – 5 %.

Aka-Cool guarantees a very long service life of the coolant and a safe and economical process flow.

Both in regards of cost and personal safety Aka-Cool is the optimal choice. When excessive foaming of the cooling water occurs, Aka-NoFoam is the solution.

Any formation of foam drastically reduces cooling of the sample during cutting and can result in thermal damage.

Aka-NoFoam eliminates foam and thus increases the cooling ability of the cooling water.

The recommended mixing ratio of Aka-NoFoam in the cooling fluid is 0.5 – 1 %.

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