Akasel Mounting Consumables (Accessories for Mounting)

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Akasel Mounting range of accessories for Cold and Hot Mounting to obtain the best possible mounting result by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Akasel Denmark. For more information, visit www.akasel.com

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Accessories for mounting

Here you find a range of accessories for Cold and Hot Mounting.

Moulds for all types of cold mounting resins. With built-in bevel to avoid ripping cloths or grinding paper while preparing samples. The moulds are available in sizes from 25 – 50 mm dia..

Mounting clips in stainless steel and in plastic for easy placement of
samples while curing. The stainless steel springs are used for holding
individual samples, and the plastic clips can hold up to three samples.
The plastic clips are standing on thin legs to minimize the contact of the softer plastic with the sample in the level of preparation. This reduces the risk of contamination and edge rounding.

Protection Caps can be used to cover the samples after preparation. This will avoid scratching or other damage to the sample surface.

Mould release products
Aka-NoStick for both cold and hot mounting. For cold mounting Aka-NoStick Liquid is used to coat the inside of the moulds, and for hot mounting, Aka-NoStick powder is applied on the upper and lower ram of the mounting press to prevent the resin from sticking.

Cold Mounting Mixing Kit consists of 200 paper cups and woodenmixing sticks for easy and fast mixing of both acrylic and epoxy resins.

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