Accretech Table-Rotating Type Compact Roundness Measuring Instrument Rondcom Touch

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Rondcom Touch – High precision polar profile measurement in the workshop. Software-supported alignment of the workpiece by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Accretech Japan.



Able To Select Data Processing Device

3 types of data processing devices (Desktop PC, Laptop PC, and Table PC) are available. You may select which device to use depending on the usage or installation space.

All Necessary Icon On One Screen

ACCTee, roundness measurement and analysis software highly reputed for its operability, was modified to be used exclusively for RONDCOM TOUCH. The operation was made smoother by integrating the icons necessary for measurement and analysis into a single screen.

Allignment Assist Funcion

Multi Languages

Available in any following languages and able to use anywhere in the world.

Full Specifications

    Measuring system Manual
   Measuring range    Max. measuring diameter Φ150mm
   Right/left feed range (X-axis)    ±80mm (Manual)
   Up/down feed range (Z-axis) 162mm (Manual)
   Max. loading diameter Φ240mm
   Max. measuring height 160mm
   Rotation accuracy JIS B 7451-1997    Radial direction (0.04 + 6H/10,000) µm
H: Measurement height [mm]
   Axial direction (0.04 + 6R/10,000) µm
R: Measuring radius [mm]
   Accuracy guaranteed temperature 15 to 30 degrees
   Measurement speed    Rotational direction (θ-axis) 6/min Fixed
   Rotary table    Table outer diameter Φ148mm
   Adjustment range of centering/tilting ±2mm/±1°
*with fixed point surface
   Loading mass 15kg
   Detector    Detection range ±400µm
   Measuring force 70mN
   Stylus shape Φ1.6mm Carbide ball
   Stylus length 17mm
   Data processing device Tablet PC, Windows PC, Laptop PC
   OS Windows ®
   Communication function    Wireless Bluetooth ®
   Wired USB 2.0
   Measurement analysis software ACCTee R-TOUCH ver.
   Type of filter    Digital filter Gaussian/Phase compensation 2RC/Spline/Robust (Spline)
   Cutoff value    Rotational direction (θ-axis)    Low pass 15, 50, 150, 500 peaks/rotation settable any value range 15 to 500 peaks/rotation
   Band pass 15 to 500 peaks/rotation
   Display magnification 10 to 220k (22 levels), Auto
   Roundness evaluation of form error MZC (min. zone circle method)
LSC (least square circle method)
MIC (max. inscribed circle method)
MCC (min. circumscribed circle method)
N.C. (no compensation)
   Measuring items    Rotational direction Roundness
Thickness variation
   Analysis processing function Notch function (level, angle, cursor)
Profile characteristics graph display (bearing area curve, amplitude distribution function, power spectrum)
Gear analysis
   Special function Alignment assist function, error judgment function, security function
   Display unit Tablet PC: 10.1 inch TFT color LCD with Touch panel (capacitive sensing)
Desktop PC: 19 inch LCD monitor
Laptop PC: 15.6 inch LCD
   Recording system Color printer (optional)
   Other           Power supply (voltage to be specified) AC100 to 240V ±10% 50/60Hz
   Power consumption Max. 50 VA (except for printer and tablet PC)
   Air supply Supply pressure: 0.30 to 0.7MPa Working pressure 0.25 MPa
   Air consumption volume 30 NL/min
   Supply position Measuring unit rear surface
   Air supply connecting nipple to main unit One-touch pipe joint for outer diameter Φ8mm hose
   Measuring unit W320 x D410 x H500 mm
   Weight Approx. 26kg
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