Accretech Surface Texture & Contour Measuring Hybrid Detector Instruments SURFCOM NEX 200

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Surfcom Nex 200 Series measuring a wide variety of workpieces under varying temperature environments in a short period of time “Complete Measurement of Surface Texture and Contour in One Equipment by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Accretech Japan.




Surface Texture & Contour Measuring Hybrid Detector Instruments

When you need surface texture, contour, or you may require both. The ability to freely combine detectors to suit any workpiece.

Equipped with newly-developed, wide-range hybrid detectors covering more than twice the range of conventional machines, this machine efficiently evaluates the surface texture and contour of inclined surfaces, undulating shapes, and curved surfaces in one trace. In addition, special-purpose detectors for surface texture and contour measurement can be freely switched and added at a later stage depending on the workpiece. As long as you have one SURFCOM NEX, you won’t need another surface texture or contour measuring equipment.

Preparation and measurement in a short time with the fastest drive in the class and widerange hybrid detectors

Significantly improved drive speed reduces the time for approaching workpieces in manual mode, creating CNC programs and drive during CNC measurement. This improves efficiency throughout the inspection process, from preparation to measurement. In addition, by using a wide-range hybrid detector, there is no need to measure surface texture and contour shape separately, and necessary precise alignment before measuring the surface texture of inclined or curved surfaces can be skipped. This means inspections can be performed with minimal effort in the shortest period of time.

The world’s only linear motor drive machine that can measure ultra-low vibration and operate at 20±5 degrees Celsius.

SURFCOM NEX inherits the linear motor drive unit, a patented technology of ACCRETECH, from a conventional SURFCOM NEX. An ultra-low vibration drive mechanism reduces noise caused by vibration and provides high-accuracy measurement results. Moreover, by offsetting the impact of temperature change on the scale in real time, accuracy can be assured over a wide temperature range of 20±5 degrees Celsius. Reliable measurement results are obtainable even in environments where temperature control is difficult.

Tradition Developed over Years and Innovative New Technology

Achieving high levels of versatility, efficiency, and reliability

Extremely high-speed driving enables shorter tact time

X-axis (horizontal): 100 mm/s, 1.6 times faster than conventional instruments
C-axis (vertical): 50 mm/s, 5 times faster than conventional instruments (Patented)

  • The column is equipped with a newly developed one-way clutch and brake
    Vertical movement of the drive section adjusted to the same load, which has significantly increased driving speed and acceleration.
  • Higher measurement efficiency for individual workpieces, and shorter tact time for automated continuous measurement combined with robots

    The linear motor tracing driver minimizing vibration and achieving highly accurate measurement. (Patented)

    • Non-contact and low-vibration driving allows for low noise and highly accurate measurement.
    • The simple structure without a gear box or ball screws can maintain long-term and stable high accuracy.
    Selectable monitor size and position
    • A 17″ monitor as standard or about 24″ monitor as optional can be selected.
    • A monitor can be installed on either side of the stand (DX type)
    One trace measurement both for surface texture and contour profile

    Newly developed wide-range hybrid detector!
    Z-axis measurement range: 13/26 mm, 2.6 times wider than conventional detectors

    •  LH=100 mm stylus expanding the measurement range to 26 mm (a stylus for both roughness and contour measurement is optional)
    • In addition to its wide measuring range, it has a high resolution of 0.0009 μm across the all measurement range in the Z-axis direction (with LH=50 mm stylus)
    Real-time control of the driving speed. A new type of operation panel for safe measurement
    • Newly equipped with an override dial to control the driving speed between 0 and 100% of the maximum value on a real-time basis
    • Middle point, which is useful for CNC programming, can be registered with one button

    Names of models based on system configuration and selection


    Measuring Unit


    Item/Model SURFCOM NEX 200 DX2/SD2
    12 13 14 15 22 23 24 25
    Tracing driver X-axis
    (L: measuring length mm)
    Sensing Method Linear Scale
    Straightness Accuracy with Hybrid detector (µm/mm) (0.05+1.0L/1000) (L: Measuring length mm) *with LH=50 mm stylus
    2(0.05+1.0/1000) (L: Measuring length mm) *with LH=100 mm stylus
    X-axis indication accuracy (µm): horizontal*¹ ±(0.8+1.0L/100) (L: Measuring length mm)
    *Contour measurement with 100 mm driver
    ±(0.8+3.0L/200) (L: Measuring length mm)
    *Contour measurement with 200 mm driver
    Resolution (µm) 0.016
    Speed (mm/s) Travel Speed 0.03 to 100
    Measuring Speed 0.03 to 30
    Tilt Angle* ±15 (Optional tilting device)
    Measuring Stand Column Speed (mm/s) Travel Speed CNC Max. 50
    Joystick Max. 35
    Base Material Gabbro
    Model/Item SURFCOM NEX 200 DX2/SD2
    11 12 13 14 22 23 24 25
    Hybrid detector Measuring Range Z-axis (mm): Vertical 13 (with LH=50 mm stylus), 26 (with LH=100 mm stylus)
    Roughness and Contour Sensing method​ High accucary scale
    Resolution (nm) 0.9 (Full range) *with LH=50 mm stylus
    1.8 (Full range) *with LH=100 mm stylus
    Indication accuracy (µm): vertical ±(1.0+|2H|/100) (H: Measuring height mm) *with LH=50 mm stylus
    ±(1.5+|2H|/100) (H: Measuring height mm) *with LH=100 mm stylus
    Stylus for Roughness and Contour (LH=50mm) Model DM84071 (Standard accessory for NEX 2**)
    Measuring Force (mN) 0.75
    Tip Material Diamond
    Tip Shape Rtip 2 µm/60° cone
    for Contour (LH=100mm) Model DM48775 (Standard accessory for NEX 2**)
    Measuring Force (mN) 4
    Tip Material Cemented Carbide
    Tip Shape Rtip 25 µm/24° cone
    Common Function Downward measurement / Collision detection safety function / Retract function


    Power Supply Voltage (V) , Frequency (Hz) Single phase AC100 to 240, 50/60
    Power Consumption (VA) Max. 930
    Air Supply Supply pressure (MPa) 0.45 to 0.7
    Working pressure (MPa) 0.4
    Air consumption (L/min) 0.1 (Max. 10)
    Position of supply port DX2 model: main body lower left /
    SD2 model: main body back side (with anti-vibration table)
    Air supply connecting port One-touch pipe joint for tubes with Outside diameter Ø6 mm
    Environment Temperature Temperature of accuracy guarantee (°C)*2*3 20±5 (Ratio of temperature change ±0.5 / within an hour 0.1 / within one measuring time)
    Temperature of operation guarantee (°C) 15 to 30
    Storage temperature (°C) 5 to 40
    Humidity Humidity of operation guarantee (%) 4o to 80 (without condensation)
    Storage humidity (%) 80 (without ceondensation)

    *1  Excluding when using roughness pickup
    *2  Guaranteed accuracy is excluding deformation of workpiece,caused by temperature change.
    *3  Indication accuracy(vertical) with general-purpose contour detector is variable depending on temperature range.

    • Power and air supply and a connecting hose are required before the delivery.
    • Contents of the specification may be changed without any notice due to product modifications