Automatic Operation Teaching/Playback Function (Roughness/Contour)

This function automatically stores measurement and analysis procedures in the memory, including tracing driver and column movement. This enable CNC measurements to be performed.

Built-in Shape Merge Function 

The profile synthesis function eliminates the analysis  range limitation created by the stylus angle (contour).

With normal measuring system, limits are imposed on the measuring angle by the detector stylus angle. ACCRETECH has solved this problem by synthesizing  the data for two profiles.

ACCTee Measurement & Analysis Software

ACCTee is surface texture and contour profile measurement and analysis software with enhanced operability. Provided with wizard modes for easier operation, as well as a variety of support functions such as “AI function”, “Self-diagnosis function” and “Peak and valley detection function”, ACCTee makes all measurement tasks easier and more efficient.

AI Function – Roughness (PATENTED)

The AI function automatically sets the measurement conditions and executes measurement.

Dimension Line Display Function (Contour)

This enables dimension lines to be drawn on the diagram along with actual measured values for parameters and geometric deviation.

Full Specifications

Model SURFCOM 2800G/1800G
-11 -12 -13 -14 -21 -22 -23 -24
Measuring Range Z-axis (vertical) 50mm
X-axis (horizontal) 100mm 200mm
Accuracy S1800G Series Roughness Measuring Range 800µm range to 25µm range (6.4µm range) (*3)
Resolution 0.02µm to 0.0004µm (0.0001µm) (*3)
Contour Z-axis Indication Accuracy (Vertical) ±0.25% (full scale)
Resolution 0.1µm/5mm range, 0.4µm/20mm range, 1µm/50mm range
S2800G Series Roughness Measuring Range 800µm range to 25µm range (6.4µm range) (*3)
Resolution 0.02µm to 0.0004µm (0.0001µm) (*3)
Contour Z-axis Indication Accuracy (Vertical) ±(0.8 + l2Hl/100)µm (H: Measuring Height mm)
Resolution 0.025µm/Full range
Common Item X-axis Indication Accuracy (Horizontal) ±(1 + 2L/100)µm (L: Measuring Length mm)
Resolution 0.04µm
Tracing Driver Straightness Accuracy Roughness 0.05 + 1.5L/100)µm (L: Measuring Length mm)
Contour 1µm/100mm 2µm/200mm
Sensing Method Moire stripped scale Linear scale
Measuring Speed 0.03, 0.06, 0.15, 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3, 6 mm/s (8 speeds)
Column up/down speed (Z-axis) 10mm/s (3mm/s) (*1) 10mm/s (3mm/s) (*1)
Detector Sensing Method S1800G Roughness Differential transducer
S2800G Roughness
Contour Laser optical diffraction scale
Roughness Measurement Stylus, measuring force Replaceable, 0.75mN
Stylus radius (material) Roughness: 2µmR (60° conical diamond)   Waviness: 800µmR (Ruby Ball)   Each stylus equipped as standard
Contour Measurement Stylus, measuring force, function Replaceable, 10mN to 30mN, and stepless (retraction) function
Stylus radius (material) 25µmR (24° conical carbide)   Two pieces equipped as standard
Measuring direction, position Pull/push and Up/down directions, Max. following angle: 77°
Operation Range Tracing driver stroke 100mm 200mm
Column up/down stroke 250mm 450mm 250mm 450mm
Granite Table Dimension 600 x 317mm 1000 x 450mm 600 x 317mm 1000 x 450mm
Permissible loading weight In use of desktop anti-vibration table (E-VS-S57B/S58B) 40kg 34kg 25kg 34kg 28kg 19kg
In use of large size desktop anti-vibration table (E-VS-S45A) 50kg 40kg 30kg 90kg 50kg 40kg 30kg 84kg
In use of anti-vibration table (E-VS-R16B) 50kg 40kg 30kg 40kg 50kg 40kg 30kg 34kg
In use of anti-vibration table (E-VS-R21B) 50kg 40kg 30kg 100kg 50kg 40kg 30kg 100kg
Other Installation Dimension (*2) Width 2000mm 2300mm 2000mm 2300mm
Depth 1000mm 1000mm
Height 1700mm 1900mm 1700mm 1900mm
Weight 120kg 125kg 135kg 240kg 125kg 135kg 140kg 245kg
Power Supply, frequency consumption Single phase AC 100V ±10% (grounding required), 50Hz/60Hz, 710VA

*1: For joystick operation
*2: The dimensions of -11, -12, -13, -21, -22, -23 include the optional stand (E-VS-S13A), desktop anti-vibration table (E-VS-S57B) and    computer rack (E-DK-S24A). The dimension of -14, -24 include the optional large anti-vibration table (E-VS-R16B) and computer rack (E-DK-S24A)
*3 The value is in use of high magnification pickup