Accretech Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments Rondcom Nex

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Rondcom Nex Series Top class high accuracy roundness machine cylindrical profile measuring instrument by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Accretech Japan.



Opposed Diameter Measuring Function

Superior feature to measure inner/outer diameter with high repeatability. Measure a workpiece at angles of 0 and 180 degrees on the table. The evaluation algorithm implemented as the standard to correct the errors by temperature change and generatrix lineshifting, performs highly precise diameter measurement.

R-Axis Taper Following Function

The straightness of taperd surface can be measured by the function. Taper angle and straightness can be measured even if it excess the range of the detector.


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Measuring System CNC and Manual
Measuring range Max. measuring diameter OD: Φ300mm, ID: Φ360mm
Right/left feed range (R-axis) 180mm
Up/down feed range (Z-axis) 300mm 500mm 300mm 500mm
Max. loading diameter Φ580mm
Max. measuring height 300mm 500mm 300mm 500mm
Depth of Measurement (Height of bosom) 150mm ( Limited by size of measuring diameter and combination of detector and stylus)
Rotation accuracy Radial direction JIS B 7451-1997 (0.02 + 3.2H/10,000)μm (H: Height from table top to measuring point mm)
Axis direction JIS B 7451-1997 (0.02 + 3.2R/10,000)μm (R: Distance from the table rotation center mm)
Straightness accuracy Up/down direction (Z-axis) Narrow range 0.10μm/100mm
Wide range 0.15μm/300mm 0.23μm/500mm 0.15μm/300mm 0.23μm/500mm
Radial direction (R-axis) 0.7μm/300mm 1.0μm/500mm 0.7μm/300mm 1.0μm/500mm
Parallelism accuracy Up/down direction (Z-axis) 1.5μm/300mm 3μm/300mm
Radial direction (R-axis) 1.0μm/150mm
Measurement Speed Rotational speed (θ-axis) 1 to 10/min (At moving: Max. 20/min)
0.01 to 1/min (Roughness Measurement)
At auto centering/tilting 2, 4, 6, 10, 20/min
Up/down speed (Z-axis) 0.5 to 10/min (At moving: Max. 60/min)
Radial direction speed (R-axis) 0.5 to 10/min (At moving: Max. 30/min)
Auto stop accuracy Z-axis/R-axis ±5μm
Rotary table Table outside diameter Φ235mm
Adjustment range of centering/tilting ±5mm/±1°
Load 30kg
Detector Measuring force 30 to 100mN (steplessly variable)
Stylus shape Φ1.6mm carbide ball, Length: 53mm
Stylus length L54.5 mm L15.5 mm
Number of sampling 14,400 points/rotation
Type of filter Digital filter Gaussian/2RC/Spline/Robust (Spline)
Cutoff value Rotational direction (θ-axis) Low pass 15, 50, 150, 500, 1500 peaks/rotation, settable any value in range 15 to 1500 peaks/rotation
Band pass 1 to 1500 peaks/rotation
Rectilinear direction (Z-axis) Low pass 0.025, 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8 mm (any value in 0.0001 mm units)
Roundness evaluation of form error MZC (min. zone circle method)
LSC (least square circle method)
MIC (max. inscribed circle method)
MCC (min. circumscribed circle method)
N.C. (no compensation)
MULTI (multiple setting)
Measuring items Rotational direction Roundness
Flatness (compound)
Diameter deviation
Thickness variation
Radius measurement
Particle circle
Diameter deviation
Rectilinear direction Straightness (Z)
Straightness (R)
Diameter deviation
Axis straightness
Analysis processing functions Notch function (level, angle, cursor)
Combination of roundness evaluation methods
Nominal value collation
Cylinder 3D profile display (line drawing, shading, contour line)
Real-time display
Profile characteristic graph display (bearing area curve, amplitude distribution function, power spectrum)
CNC full automatic measuring function, wide range function, automatic centering/tilting adjustment function
Display (color monitor) 17″ LCD
Display items Measuring conditions
Measuring parameters
Printer output conditions
Profile graphics (expansion plan, 3D plan)
Error messages, etc.
Recording system Color printer
Other Power supply (Voltage to be specified), frequency AC100 to 120 V ±10%, AC220 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz (grounding required)
Power consumption Approx. 460 VA (except printer)
Air supply Supply pressure: 0.35 to 0.7 MPa, Working pressure: 0.3 MPa
 Air consumption volume 30NL/min
Installation dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1400 x 820 x 1570 1400 x 820 x 1770 720 x 580 x 895 720 x 580 x 1095
 Weight (except options  330kg 340kg 180kg 190kg
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