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Dimensional System, the science of calibrating and using physical measurement equipment to quantify the physical size of or distance from any given object. Measurements are often expressed as a size relative to a theoretically perfect part that has geometry defined in a print or computer model​.

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Optical Instruments, a type of using optical method for sighting and a mechanical for reading displacement. Digitalize optical system consider one of the historical improvement in the industry field. This technology has optimized the optical instruments into another level of visualization

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Hardness Testing is a characteristic of a material, not a fundamental physical property. It defined as material properties valuable insight to the durability, strength, capacities of varieties of component type from raw material to prepare specimen and finished goods.

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Metallography is the study of physical structure and components of metals, typically using microscopy. The surface of a metallographic specimen is prepared by various methods of Sectioning, Mounting, Grinding & Polishing and Etching

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MSP METROLOGY have a services team which have superb technical expertise and provides professional service such as: Calibration, Repair and Equipment Cleaning, Measurement Services,Machine upgrade or refurbished, Training service and etc.

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