Service and Support from the People who knows your Equipment and Product Best

In MSP, we believe that the best way to serve our customers are to be the expert in our field. With it, we can guarantee to give you the best after sales service experience ever!
Our Repair Services included:

In-House Repair

On-Site Service

Service Microscope

In-House Repair Service

MSP METROLOGY has dedicated technical service department which consistently seeking for technical and servicing enhancement. Together with a team of dedicated and experienced staff, we have built up a successful and reputable tracking record to perform in-house repairs and services.
Estimation cost will be given for approval prior repair. Verification will be completed within 10 working days. If the measuring tool is found to be beyond economical repair, we will return without service charges incurred (exclude courier & transportation charges).

In-House Repair Services list:



Height Gage

Weighing Scale

Small Tools Repairs Record Over the Years

We keep track of our records for in-house repairs for over the years. Our in-house repairs are always increasing over the year to further prove that our service is the best.

Year 2020



Year 2021



Procedure of In-House Repair

Checking the small tools problem (3 working days)

Prepare quotation

Ordering spare part

Delivery to customer

Repair and return to customer

On-Site Service

Our technical team will arrange site-visit to verify machine condition after obtaining full information about machine current condition & company detail. Service report will be provided for further decision making.

Our service scope coverage:-
  • Any brand of Hardness Tester (Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell, Portable);
  • Any brand of Profile Projector;
  • Any brand of Video Measuring System;
  • Any brand of Low Power Stereo Zoom Microscope;
  • Any brand of Metallurgical Machine;
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Procedure of On-site Service

Customer enquiry for machine problem

Collect detail information from customers regarding their machine problem (if possible with image or videos)

Arrange for customer site visit (in 5 working days)

On-site checking and inspecting machine (if the problem too big need to take picture)

Internal discussion with Technical Manager, open service report for office and customer's record

Started ordering for spare part. After spare part arrived, 5 working days will be needed to repair the machine.

Microscope Services

Any equipment, or even a microscope, will become dirty, dusty, oily or rusty after using in a period of time. In the worse scenario, these conditions will damage your equipment which will increase your operation cost due to invest a new replacement unit. This is the reason why we MSP, provide microscope service to our clients. Yearly on-site microscope service definitely can let you see the difference:





Microscope Services over the Years

Same as small tools repairs, we also keep track of microscope service record over the years. This record proves that there are increasing number of awareness among users and customers about the importance of keeping your microscope clean and in good condition to prolonged their lifespan.

Year 2020



Year 2021



Steps to Clean a Microscope

Microscope cleaning involves STEPS to make it NEW!