Zootos Software for Image Analysis System mX Series

Zootos Leopard mX series – Software for Image Analysis System for Analyzing Image and made for measurement with user-friendly interface for easier task performed presented by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Zootos Korea



  • Non-contact optical precise measurement.
  • Interfacing with various devices using the stage equipped with camera.
  • Supports various functions to allow faster and more accurate measurement by using automated shape detection function.
  • User-friendly interface to perform the task easier and faster.
  • Supports stage-based inspection devices such as measuring microscope, projector and X-ray equipment.
  • Compatible with brand include:

Basic/Live Measurement Tools

Live preview image on monitor to perform analysis without having to capture the image in-advance

Multi Focus

Provides extended focus capability to overcome limited depth of focus in high magnification microscopes.

Manual Tiling

Large size (Field of View) specimen can be captured separately and combined to form one complete image.

Auto Edge Detection


Automatically detected edges of various kind of shape of an object/sample to allow automatic measurement of the sample.

Advance Measurement Tool

Tool for additional measurement

DRO Interface

  • Leopard m Series communicate with Measuring microscope such as OLYMPUS STM7, NIKON MM Series, Mitutoyo MF Series and ETC.
  • Using DRO increase measurement accuracy and measurement area
  • Various measurement tool supported ( Cross Hair, Click point, Auto edge detection)

Diagram Alignment

  • Leopard m Series can align a sample on Diagram
  • Align a Diagram even the sample is tilted
  • Measurement also can be on the Diagram
  • Shift on the Diagram is available (offset)


Model mS mX



Camera Control O O
Multi Capture O O
Time Lapse O


Basic Filter O
Extended Filter O

Image Synthesis

Manual Tiling O
Manual Multi-Focus O
Extended Tiling O
Extended Multi-Focus O
Auto Edge Detection O


Basic Measurement O O
Extended Measurement Tools O O
Alignment Tools O O
Automatic Calibration O O
Still Image Measurement O O


Diagram Window O O
Macros O O
Multi-monitor O O
3D Image O


Excel Reporting System O O
Report Manager O O