Starrett Auto Vision Measuring System LF Series

Large Format Auto Vision Measuring System for Inspection and High Accuracy Measurement by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Starrett USA.



Two models available

LFR series features two models available which are LF463 (X-Y-Z travel of 460mm x 305mm x 200mm) and LF713 (X-Y-X travel of 711mm x 610mm x 200mm).

Ultra smooth and high speed positioning

Transports are driven on air bearings by hi-speed (up to 30″ per second), zero maintenance, balanced line motors, or precision mechanical linear bearings, which are close-looped to precision hi-resolution scales in all three axes.

Light it Bright

LF series features 3 LED light function with the application of the 12:1 Zoom Optics. They included the LED surface ring illumination, LED transmitted illumination, and LED coaxial illumination.

Higher Stability, Higher Accuracy

Massive granite base, bridge and mechanical or air-bearing ways for superior mcahine stability and precision. Also with the adjustable ergonomic workstation including a compact control panel and standard keyboard.

Choices of software

User can choose to suit up with the powerful control panel software from MetLogix, M3 or the more-advanced and powerful software technology from Quadra-Chek, QC5300


Feature/Series LF713 LF463
System Type Floor Standing Floor Standing
Part View Vertical Vertical
X-Y-Z Travel(in) 28″ x 24″ x 8″ 18″ x 12″ x 8″
X-Y-Z Travel (mm) 711 x 610 x 200 460 x 305 x 200
Z Axis Measuring Standard Standard
CNC Standard Standard
X-Y Accuracy(µm) E2= 2.5µm + 5L/1000 E2= 2.5µm + 5L/1000
Z Accuracy(µm) E1= 2.5 µm + 5L/1000 E1= 2.5µm + 5L/1000
Scale Resolution 0.1 µm 0.1 µm
Multi-Sensor Compatible Yes Yes
Base Granite Granite
Control System / Software M3 or QC5300 M3 or QC5300
Display 21″ Touchscreen PC or 24″ Monitor 21″ Touchscreen PC or 24″ Monitor
Zoom Optics- Standard 6.5:1 6.5:1
Zoom Optics-Optional 12:1 12:1
Digital Video Camera 1 MP Color 1 MP Color
Surface Ring Illumination LED LED
Transmitted Illumination LED LED
Coaxial Illumination LED LED
Auxiliary Lenses(Optional) 0.5x, 1.5x, 2.0x O0.5x, 1.5x, 2.0x
Machine Pedestal and Point of Control Cart/Arm Standard Standard
Video Pixel Calibration Standard Standard Standard


  • Calibration Standard
  • Part Fixturing
  • Rotary Fixture
  • Renishaw Touch Probe: For QC5300 Only
  • Renishaw Touch Probe Change Rack: For QC5300 Only
  • Optimet Laser: For QC5300 Only
  • Brightfield Quadrant Illumination: Optional LED
  • Darkfiled Quadrant Illumination: Optional LED