MTDI Diamond Precision Cutter DAIMO-100F Series

DAIMO-100F Series is an automatic High Precision Cutter which uses Diamond Wheel or Abrasive Wheel for Metallography Metallurgy Testing. Presented by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from MTDI Korea




Automatic High Precision Diamond Cutter

DAIMO-100F has improved space utilization with its compact design and can cut all materials with a precision diamond cutter. It is characterized by minimizing thermal damage to the surface of the specimen during cutting and being able to cut precisely. DAIMO-100F has 5.6” LCD Touch screen for user convenience, visibility and operability. This machine measure the load on the wheel during the cutting. If bigger load sensing, Y axis go back to find better condition for cutting and complete the cut.

Precision Safety Cutting

The nozzle spray the cutting oil automatically from the oil tank on the bottom of the machine for convenience cut and user can control cutting length in 1µm unit for precision cutting.

Extra Safety Features

DAIMO-100F is also equipped a acrylic transparent window to observe the cutting process easily, and the cooling effectiveness is maximized by pump support.

Various Functions Touch Screen

DAIMO-100F is a 5.6-inch color LCD screen that enhances user convenience, visibility, and operability. From this setting, user can set required number of specimen by Continuous Cutting function.

Precision Cutting Movement

With DAIMO-100F, max 5,000 RPM available and measure the cutting load and control speed of Y-axis movement of Stage for automatic cutting. 



  • 5.6” TFT LCD Touch Screen for easy use
  • Auto sensing wheel load during the cutting
  • User can input Absolute or Relative position for stage move
  • Display current position of stage
  • Control Cutting length in 1㎛ unit
  • Wheel RPM auto calibration
  • Stage Zero set available
  • Continuous Cutting through Schedule mode
  • Stage move FWD/BWD by Joystick
  • Save/Load Set value(Max. 5)
  • Increase cutting length precision by input Wheel thickness
  • Minimize Burr by add Rotation function(Option)


 Model no. DAIMO-100F
 Size (mm) 560 (W) x 760 (D) X 330 (H)
 Power AC220V, Single phase, 50~60Hz, 900W
 Motor 1kW BLDC Motor
Wheel Size 4 ~ 7″ (Arbor 12.7mm)
 Speed 300 ~ 5,000 RPM, Digital type
 Capacity 30∅ (5″ Wheel), Max. 40∅
 Safety Cover open sensing, Cut Finish Alarm and Auto Stop
 Precision 0.001mm step
 Control Power, Start, Stop, Speed Control, Pump
 Coolant Double layer filtered Pump (3 liter)