MTDI Diamond Precision Cutter DAIMO-100E Series

DAIMO-100E Series is Manual Semi-auto High Precision Cutter which uses Diamond Wheel or Abrasive Wheel for Metallography Metallurgy Testing. Presented by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from MTDI Korea




Manual High Precision Diamond Cutter

DAIMO-100E has improved space utilization with its compact design and can cut all materials with a precision diamond cutter. It is characterized by minimizing thermal damage to the surface of the specimen during cutting and being able to cut precisely. This equipment is designed to apply a constant load to the specimen to be cut by adjusting the position of the weight attached to the specimen grip, and can be used conveniently as it has an automatic stop function after the end of cutting. Also, use a micrometer to adjust the cutting length. 

Minimizes Thermic Damage

During cutting process, DAIMO-100E able to minimises thermal damage to the surface of the specimen, and is characterized by being able to cut properly.

Extra Safety Features

DAIMO-100E is also equipped a acrylic transparent window to observe the cutting process easily, and the cooling effectiveness is maximized by pump support.

Adjusting the Weight Specimen

The specimen position to be cut is constant by adjusting the position of the weight attached to the specimen. It is designed to be loaded, and has an automatic stop ability after cutting, making it convenient to use.

User-friendly Operation

It is so easy and convenient to start operation on DAIMO-100E as their user-friendly operation interface. With few minutes of training able to use it professionally. This makes it more accesible to any level of expertise in the room.



  • BLDC motor applied(semi-permanent use)
  • Max: 600 RPM(Option: Max 3,000 RPM)
  • Buttons: Start, Stop, Power
  • Auto stop after finish
  • Simple Wheel speed control with Dial
  • Simple cutting length control with Micrometer


 Model no. DAIMO-100E
 Size (mm) 320 (W) x 425 (D) X 375 (H)
 Power AC220V, Single phase, 50~60Hz, 180W
 Motor 200W BLDC Motor
Wheel Size 4 ~ 6″ (Arbor 12.7mm)
 Speed 0 ~ 860 RPM, Analog type
 Capacity 30Ø (5″ Wheel)
 Safety Cut Finish Alarm and Auto Stop
 Precision 0.001mm step
 Control Power, Start, Stop, Speed Control
 Coolant Double layer filtered Pump (3 liter)