MTDI Abrasive Cutter KANTA-100E Series

KANTA-100E – Hand Operated Manual High Speed Abrasive Cutter for Metallography Metallurgy Testing. Presented by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from MTDI Korea




Manual Lever Type Abrasive Cutting Machine

A manual cutting machine product that demonstrates satisfactory performance at an economical price. It is a lever-type cutting machine that performs high-speed cutting of specimens through the user’s load control.

Satisfying yet Economic

KANTA-100E is a manual cutting machine that able to performs high speed cutting of specimens through the user’s load control with a lever-type operation. It is a satisfying performance with economical price.

Transparent Window – Max View

KANTA-100E equipped with transparent window to maximise internal views. It also has LED lamps to make it easy to observe the inside and improve the convenience of work.

User-Friendly Operation

Aside from the lever-type operation, KANTA-100E also comes with user-friendly operation interface with big button – easy to memorize for each function. This makes it more accesible to any level of expertise in the room.



  • Stand-alone type
  • Maximized large window and LED lamp to see-through inside well,improved convenience of cutting
  • Wheel spin speed control and Electric Break function by Inverter
  • Cleaning by Water gun



 Model no.  KANTA-100E
 Type Spin Handle (Lever) Type
 Size (mm) 900 (W) x 950 (D) x 1490 (H)
 Power AC 220V, 3 phase, 60Hz, 2.7kW
Motor SIEMENS Waterproof Motor 2.2kW (3HP)
 Wheel Size 10″, 12″ (Arbor 32mm)
 Speed 500 ~ 3,500rpm
Cut Capacity Plate: 80mm (D) x 60mm (H), Round: Ø80 (12” Wheel)
Safety Cover open sensor, E-stop
 Controls Power, Start, Stop, Pump On, Off
RPM: Knob control