Evocus Microscope Accessories Eyepiece for Stereo Microscope

Eyepiece for Stereo Microscope have wide range of size from 10x, 15x or 20x eyepiece magnification to increase your stereo microscope magnification value presented by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Evocus Korea



10x Magnification

15x Magnification

20x Magnification

Wide field-of-view eyepiece for stereo microscope to enhance your magnification value for a better inspection viewing!


Model EVS-S20.003 EVS-S20.004 EVS-S20.005
 Magnification Power 10x 15x 20x
 Field of View 22mm 15mm 10mm
 Mounting Size (in diameter) 30mm 30mm 30mm