Flash Measuring Machine

VX1000 series flash tester adopts bi-telecentric high-resolution optical lens, combined with high-precision image analysis algorithm, and incorporates the principle of one-key flash test. In CNC mode, just press the start button, the instrument can automatically locate the measurement object according to the shape of the workpiece, match the template, measure and evaluate, and generate reports, truly realizing one-button fast and accurate measurement. 

Traditional measuring instruments such as projectors, video measuring instruments, tool microscopes, profilers, vernier calipers, micrometers, etc., face many problems during measurement, such as: time-consuming positioning of measurement objects and origin positioning, long batch measurement operations, and different measurement personnel. The measurement results are different, and the data statistics management is complicated. The VX1000 series flash tester will clear up the detection problems of traditional measuring instruments

One-Key Precision Measurement

Based on visual measurement principle with precision image analysis algorithms, using double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field, VX series of Flash Measuring Machines achieves fast dimensional measurement by one-key operation.

In CNC mode, after placing workpiece on object table, the operator only needs to press start button, then the instrument measures and evaluates the dimension fast, consequently, VX series is also called one-key image measuring machine.

Simple Operation

Load Program

Support importing DXF file

Place Workpiece

Place anywhere on the table

 One-Key Measurement

Press Measure key or space key

Efficient Measurement

VX series is equipped with double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field and big field.

High depth of field: Without focusing multiple times, accurate measurement at entire of depth of field.
Big field: Measure all features of all objects within field in seconds

Eliminate Human-made Error

Traditional Instruments

Operations such as “focusing”, “position selection”, “edge alignment” by different persons produce different results.

VX Series

*Auto focusing * Auto position identification *Auto edge extraction

Non-Contact Height Measurement

Equipped with an optical probe, the VX Series can automatically measure XY sizes, height and flatness of the workpieces in CNC mode.

Note: Two options for Optical probe: Spot-type Laser probe or Line-scanning laser probe.


2.5D Measurement

CAD Importing Function

CAD(dxf format) can be imported to software as a program, and its contours and annotations can be imported, too. Consequently, a program can be made without sample.

Import DXF Drawing


Optical Lens

Clear image even if there are stages

Thanks to double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field and high resolution, image is still clear even if there are stages. Measuring data can be obtained correctly without strict adjustment of the focal point.

Always real size even if there are stages

Thanks to double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field and high resolution, image is still clear even if there are stages. Measuring data can be obtained correctly without strict adjustment of the focal point.

Zero distortion in the full field-of-view

Thanks to double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field and high resolution, almost zero distortion of the image in the full field of view. Same test result in any position of object table.

Sub-pixel processing of edges

Thanks to algorithms of high-order interpolation and numerical fitting, the software can perform sub-pixel processing on the edges, and high-precision measurement with sub-pixel level is applied in large field of view


VX Series of Flash measuring machine is widely used in industry of machinery, electronics, mold, injection molding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision stamping, connectors, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, home appliances, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, watches, tools, etc

Applications Case

Measuring Software

VisionX is a professional visual measuring software developed by Chotest which is our own independent intellectual property rights. VisionX has friendly user interface, convenient operation, powerful and practical functions, support more than 80 kinds of extraction and analysis tools, including feature extraction tool, auxiliary tool, annotation tool and special application tool, etc. Also more function is customizable according to user`s requirements in order to improve the efficiency

Software Features

Geometric Tolerance: Straightness, Roundness, Concentricity, Symmetry, Positional Tolerance, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Profile Tolerance, etc.

CNC Mode: Modify CNC program anytime, as well as adding or reducing features OK or NG is concluded according to tolerance in CNC program

Automatic: Only need to select the measuring features, after placing the workpiece, measuring results can be obtained quickly by one key

Coordinate System: Can create coordinate system by Point-line, Line-line, and translate & rotate coordinate system, as well as create multi-coordinate system

Special tools: Rounded corner, Contour, Thread, Slot, Perimeter, Pitch distance, Thickness, Chamfer, Spring, Gear, Sealing gasket, area, Pitch Angle, Boundary width

Statistical Analysis

The statistical analysis interface has the tabs of [Statistical Value], [Trend Chart], [Histogram] and [Data List]

Automatic recording and query
Measurement results and its main statistical information (e.g. average value, σ, 3σ, 6σ, Ca, Cp, Cpk etc) will be automatically recorded and saved. Operator could search records by different conditions.


Tabled Data

Control Production Process and Improve Production Quality

The trend chart monitors the abnormalities of generating equipment and production process by regularly changing trend of measured values. Such as the monotonic and periodic changes of the measured values.

The histogram reflects the fluctuation and distribution of product quality, and transmits information about process quality, which can be used to judge and predict product quality and unqualified rate.

Trend Chart


SPC analysis uses statistical methods to monitor product quality and production process trends through quality diagnostic analysis, which is the preventive part in production process and reduce

Control Chart

Generate Measurement Report Automatically by One Key

  • Import and export Measurement records
  • Different report format
  • Support user-defined report template
  • Able to saved as PDF, CSV files
  • Quick export and print reports by one key

Test Report


Model VX1060 VX1100
Image Sensor 20M CMOS
Monitor 24″ LCD (XGA:1920×1080)
Acceptance Lens Double Telecentric Lens
Light Ring Four-segment illumination (White Light) (Optional)
Bottom Telecentric transmission illumination (Green Light)
Field of View ∅60mm ∅100mm
Repeatability of Image Measuring ±1μm ±2μm
Accuracy of Image Measuring ±3μm ±4μm
Software VisionX
Resolution ±0.1μm
Z-Axis Travel range 35mm
Load Capacity 3kg
Size (L x W x H) 500 x 280 x 670 mm
Weight(kg) 25
Input AC100 ~ 240V,50/60Hz, 10A, 2500W
Working Environment Temp.10°C ~ 35°C, Humidity 20% ~ 80%, Vibration <0.002g, Less than 15Hz

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