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Matsuzawa Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
MMT Series

Features                                        Full Specifications   ITEM MMT-X7 MMT-X3 MMT-X1 Test Force      Standard Type A 49.03   98.07   245.2   490.3   980.7   1961   2942   4903   9807   mN    ...Read more
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Full Specifications


Test Force      Standard Type A 49.03   98.07   245.2   490.3   980.7   1961   2942   4903   9807   mN   
    5          10         25       50       100     200     300     500    1000   kgf
  Standard Type B 9.807   29.42   49.03   98.07   245.2   490.3   980.7   1961   2942   4903   9807   19614   mN
      1        3           5          10          25          50        100      200      300     500   1000   2000   kgf
Loading Mechanism   Automatic Loading and Releasing Method
Indenter Approach Speed   50µm/sec
Dwell Time 5 ~ 99 sec 5 ~ 30 sec
Indenter Standard: 1 (HV), Option: 2 (HV, HK)
Objective Lens Standard: 2 (40x, 10x ∴in case of AMT-PS/FS series: 40x, 50x), Option: Max. 4 (5x ~ 100x)
Eyepiece Lens Standard 10x, Option 15x
Total Magnification Standard (400x, 100x) Corresponding 50x ~ 1000x
Measuring Microscope (total 400x)   Max. Measuring Length 250µm
Min. Scale 0.01µm (200x~ 1000x) 0.5µm
Min. Measuring Unit 0.01µm (200x ~ 1000x) 0.1µm
Measuring Type Electronic Mechanical
Data Output Centronics (Dot printer output) -
RS232C (Output for PC) Possible to change to printer output
Light Source LED Light Source
Turret Auto Manual
LCD Touch Panel Color LCD touch panel -
Testing Mode 6 kinds of HV, HK, HBS, KC, Xbar, Cylindrical Correction -
Data Memory 999 data memory  
Hardness Conversion Possible in compliance with SAE (J-417B), ASTM (E-140)  
OK/NG Criteria Judging to the result by setting Max. and Min. -
Statistical Calculation Max. value, Min. value, dispersion (R), mean value, converted value -
Accuracy According to JIS B7725 and ASTM E-384
Max. Specimen Height 120mm
Max. Specimen Depth 160mm
Dimensions and Weight Main body only W250 x D520 x H530mm, 35kg
Photo Booth Can be installed in the body tube in the upper part of the main body at any time
Power Supply Single Phase AC100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz available for export models






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